German archeologist; born at Greifswald Aug. 28, 1842; died at Halle Oct. 10, 1889; studied classical philology and archeology at the universities of Tübingen, Bonn, Greifswald, and Berlin, graduating from the last-named in 1865. After having published (1866), under the title "Hiupersis," an essay on Greek vase-paintings, he took a voyage to Italy and Greece, where he devoted himself principally to the study of antique vases, a study which remained the chief object of his later years. In 1869 he became docent in archeology at the University of Berlin, and in 1874 received a call as professor to Halle. Besides numerous essays in the "Annali dell' Istituto," the "Archäologische Zeitung," and the "Zeitschrift für Bildende Kunst," Heydemann published the following works: "Griechische Vasenbilder," Berlin, 1870; "Die Vasensammlungen des Museo Nazionale zu Neapel," ib. 1872; "Terrakotten aus dem Museo Nazionale zu Neapel," ib. 1882; "Dionysos' Geburt und Kindheit," Halle, 1885.

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