Swedish physician; born at Göteborg in 1829; died in 1889. He studied medicine at Lund and at the Karolinska Institut, Stockholm. Heyman practised medicine at Göteborg from 1862 to 1878. He was one of the originators of the "Gothenburg System" (see "Cyclopedia of Temperance and Prohibition," s.v. "Sweden"), and founder of many hygienic institutions. In 1878 he was appointed professor of hygiene at the Karolinska Institut. In Stockholm he edited the medical journal "Hygeia," and was elected secretary of the Hygienic Society and director of the Hygienic Museum.In the interest of science he undertook several journeys, going in turn to England, Germany, and Holland, and visiting Montpellier and Vienna.

Heyman succeeded in organizing instruction in hygiene in Sweden, and had hardly completed this work when he died suddenly while delivering an address on that subject. Heyman wrote voluminously on scientific and practical hygiene, his works treating of vital statistics (1877), sanitation (1877), ventilation (1880), working men's dwellings, temperance, school hygiene, etc.

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