1. Son of Reuben and founder of the family of the Hezronites (Gen. xlvi. 9; Ex. vi. 14; Num. xxvi. 6). 2. Son of Pharez and grandson of Judah, who was the direct ancestor of David (Gen. xlvi. 12; Ruth iv. 18). He had by his first marriage three sons: Jerahmeel; Ram, from whom David descended; and Caleb. Afterward he married the daughter of Machir, who bore him Segub, the father of Jair; and after his death his wife Abijah bore Ashur (I Chron. ii. 9, 21, 24). 3. A place marking the southern limit of the territory assigned to Judah, between Kadesh-barnea and Adar (Josh. xv. 3). In the parallel list of Num. xxxiv. 4, Hezron and Addar seem to be described as one place, "Hazar-addar."

E. G. H. M. Sel.
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