Palestinian amora of the fourth generation (3d and 4th cent.). His principal teacher was Jose b. Saul, in whose name Ḥiyya transmitted several halakot (M. Ḳ. 22a; R. H. 24a, 30a); but he was also a pupil of Jose b. Ḥanina (Soṭah 7b) and of Assi (Meg. 31b). He transmitted halakot in the name of the council ("ḥaburah") of the last of the Tannaim (Ḥul. 30a; Shab. 3a; Pes. 64a, 73b). The following haggadic sentence Ḥiyya transmitted in the name of Jose b. Saul: "At the death of a just man the angels proclaim that one who is righteous has come, and God answers, 'Let the other ẓaddiḳim come out to meet him'" (Ket. 104a). A sentence of the same nature and ascribed to Eleazar b. Pedat (ib.) is attributed to R. Ḥiyya ha-Gadol in Pesiḳ. R. 2 (ed. Friedmann, p. 5, a, b). Bacher accordingly suggests that the name is to be amended into "Ḥiyya b. Gammada." Ḥiyya's love for Palestine was so great that he rolled in the dust of that country (Ket. 112b).

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