Journalist and chess editor; born 1842, in Budapest. He removed to France about 1866, and began to play chess in Paris. In 1870 he settled in London, where he has since resided. Hoffer has become widely known as a writer on chess, and has been active in the organization of some of the more important international tournaments held of late years in England, notably that at Hastings in 1895.

From 1879 to 1888 he was coeditor with Zukertort of "The Chess Monthly," and on Zukertort's death he became its sole editor. For some years he has been the chess editor of the London papers "The Field" and "The Standard." He is one of the leading analysts of the game.

Hoffer was one of the founders of the Pester Schachklub, and founder and honorary secretary of the British Chess Association.

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