Associate professor of political economy and head of the department of political economy in the Johns Hopkins University; born in Baltimore July 23, 1871. He was educated in the university to which he is attached (B.A. 1891; Ph.D. 1894). Prior to graduation he was appointed instructor in political economy in Amherst College, and taught there in the autumn of 1894, when he was recalled to Johns Hopkins by appointment as assistant in political economy. Since then he has remained a member of its faculty, being successively promoted to the rank of instructor (1895), associate (1896), associate professor of finance (1899), and associate professor of political economy and director of the department (1902). In 1897 he was selected as secretary of the special mission of the United States sent by President McKinley to negotiate a monetary agreement with the leading countries of Europe. He has served as chairman of the committee on municipal finance of the Baltimore Reform League and as chairman of the Municipal Lighting Commission of Baltimore.

Early in 1900 the United States government appointed Hollander special commissioner to revise the laws relating to taxation in Porto Rico, and on May 1, in the same year, treasurer of Porto Rico, which position he held until July 25, 1901, when the island was declared self-supporting. Hollander is now (1903) chairman of the publication committee of the American Jewish Historical Society, and is a member of the publication committee of the Jewish Publication Society. His more important works are: "The Cincinnati Southern Railway: A Study in Municipal Activity" (Baltimore, 1894); "Letters of David Ricardo to John Ramsay McCullah" (New York, 1895); "Letters of David Ricardo to Hutches Trower" (Oxford, 1899); "The Financial History of Baltimore" (Baltimore, 1899); "Studies in State Taxation" (edited; ib. 1900); "Reports of Treasurer of Porto Rico" (Washington, 1900-01). He has written many minor papers on financial and economic subjects in scientific journals, and has contributed to the publications of the American Jewish Historical Society articles relating to the history of the Jews in Maryland.

A. F. H. V.
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