German dental surgeon; born at Leobschütz Feb. 4, 1833; died at Halle March 14, 1897; educated at the universities at Würzburg and Breslau (M.D. 1856). During the following nine years he practised medicine in South Africa. Returning to Germany in 1866, he settled in Halle as a dental surgeon, and was admitted to the medical faculty of the university as privat-docent in 1873. When in 1878 a dental department was added to the medical institutions of the university, Holländer became its principal, with the title of professor, which position he held until his death.

Holländer published his experiences in SouthAfrica in the "Globus," 1866 and 1867. He contributed several essays on dental subjects to the medical journals, and in 1877 translated into German Tomes's "Manual of Dental Anatomy." He was also the author of "Beiträge zur Zahnheilkunde," Leipsic, 1881, and "Die Extraction der Zähne," ib. 1882.

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