HORWITZ, ARYEH LÖB BEN ẒEBI HALEVI (otherwise known as R. Löb Zietiler):

Lithuanian Talmudist of the seventeenth century. After having been "rosh yeshibah" in several German towns Horwitz was called in a similar capacity to the yeshibah of Minsk while Jehiel Heilprin was chief rabbi there. Horwitz was the author of "Margenita Ṭaba," a defense of Maimonides' "Sefer ha-Miẓwot" against the strictures of Naḥmanides, published with the "Sefer ha-Miẓwot" at Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1756. According to the preface, added by his son, Horwitz wrote also novellæ on the Talmud, and "Elef ha Magen," defending Maimonides against the attacks of Abraham b. David.

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S. S. M. Sel.
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