Chess player and writer on chess; born 1809 in the grand duchy of Mecklenburg; died in London 1885. A chess pupil of Mendheim in Berlin, he became known as one of the "Pleiades," a name given to the seven leaders of the new school of chess which arose in that city between 1830 and 1840. After residing some time in Hamburg, Horwitz went to England, in which country he settled about 1845, and competed in most of the tournaments up to 1862.

With J. Kling, Horwitz published "Chess Studies" (London, 1851), devoted mainly to end games (previous works on chess having treated principally of the openings); and with the same collaborator he issued "The Chess-Player," of which four volumes appeared (ib 1851-53). His last work was "Chess Studies and End Games Systematically Arranged" (ib. 1884).

  • The Times, London, Aug. 30, 1885;
  • Dict. National Biography, xxvii. 393.
J. A. P.
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