HOSHKE, REUBEN (called also Reuben ben Hoshke Sofer and sometimes Abraham Reuben):

Cabalist; rabbi of Prague; (died April 3, 1673. "Hoshke," his father's name, is a Polish diminutive for "Joshua," mistaken by De Rossi ("Dizionario," s.v. "Oski, Ruben") and Zunz ("Z. G." p. 402) for his family name. He wrote: "Yalḳuṭ, Re'ubeni," a cabalistic work (an imitation of the "Yalḳuṭ Ḥadash") containing a collection of sayings taken from other cabalistic works and arranged in alphabetical order (Prague, 1660); "Yalḳuṭ Re'ubeni ha-Gadol," a cabalistic midrash on the Pentateuch arranged according to the order of the parashiyyot (Wilmersdorf, 1681); "Dabar Shebi-Ḳedushah," a manual of asceticism and repentance (Sulzbach, 1684); "'Oneg Shabbat," cabalistic reflections on the Sabbath laws, followed by an appendix entitled "Derek Ḳabbalat Shabbat" (ib. 1684).

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