HUKKOK ( = "engraved"):

Place on the borders of Naphtali, near Aznot Tabor (Josh. xix. 34). As the frontier line coincided with the western limit of Asher (l.c.), it is probable that this place is identical with the Hukok that fell to the lot of Asher (I Chron. vi. 60), though the latter is written . Estori Farḥi ("Kaftor wa-Feraḥ," xviii.), followed by such scholars as Schwarz and Robinson, identifies Hukkok with the modern Yaḳuḳ, a village 6 miles southwest of Safed and 12 miles north of Mount Tabor, where tradition places the grave of Habakkuk. Estori saw at Yaḳuḳ a Jewish synagogue; he says that the place must not be confounded with the Hukok of Asher.

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E. G. H. M. Sel.
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