Russian economist and journalist; born about 1864 at Gorki, government of Moghilef. His father, a teacher of religion, destined him for a rabbinical career, but the boy's inclination led him to modern studies. After attending the local public schools, Hurwitz drifted, about 1880, to Berlin and Vienna, where he studied languages and general philosophy. In 1898 he began to attract attention by his occasional sketches of Jewish life in Russia, in various Hebrew periodicals, especially in "Ha-Shiloaḥ" (1898-99). In 1900 appeared his "Ha-Mamon" (Warsaw), in two volumes, a profound exposition, in clear Hebrew, of the development and extension of the existing economic system. During the year 1902 he was engaged as assistant editor of the "Volksblatt," a Judæo-German journal published at Warsaw, and at the beginning of 1903 became subeditor of "Der Fraind," a Yiddish daily published at St. Petersburg.

H. R. M. Gar.
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