Talmudist of the sixteenth century; author of "Kelale ha-Gemara," rules of the Gemara, published in the collection of Abraham ibn 'Aḳra ("Sefer me-Harare Nemerim," Venice, 1599). This small work is divided into four chapters: the first two are on the acquisition of the right method of Talmudical study and on halakic phraseology and technical terms; the last two chapters deal with the study of the Talmudical commentaries, especially that of Rashi. The author advises the pupil not to consult the commentaries on any Talmudic passage until he thoroughly understands the passage in question. He quotes the "Sefer Keritut" of Simson of Chinon and the "Halikot 'Olam" of Joshua ha-Levi of Toledo (15th cent.). As regards the spelling of the name see Steinschneider in "J.Q. R." x. 539.

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