Spanish-Arabian poet of the twelfth century; probably a brother of the poet Joseph ben Meïr and of Abraham b. Meïr ibn Muhajar. In the earlier sources he is called either "Ahub" or "Oheb"; and it is difficult to say which is correct. If "Oheb," then he is probably the author of the poems signed "Oheb," and beginning respectively: (1) "Eloah ḥai asher yaẓar" (Luzzatto, "Naḥlat," p. 13); (2) "Asher libbi we-kilyotai," "reshut" for the Torah festival (Zunz, "Literaturgesch." p. 587). Judah ha-Levi dedicates a song of praise ("Mi ya'abor lanu le-'eber yam") to a certain Ahub, but the latter's surname is ; and although the name "Ahub" is a rare one, it is improbable that the poem was addressed to the subject of this article.

The designation , found in various other forms, has not yet been explained.

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