A Jew, exiled from Portugal in 1496, who dwelt at Azamor in the province of Duccala, Morocco. In 1512 the ruler of Azamor had surrendered to the sovereignty of Portugal, but soon renounced his allegiance. King Manuel thereupon ordered a fleet to the rebellious city, entrusting his nephew, Don Jaime, duke of Bragança, with the supreme command. There ensued a fierce battle between the Moors and the Portuguese, which raged all day without apparent result. At dawn on the following morning, however, Adibe appeared before Don Jaime and announced to him the evacuation of the city. At the same time he asked for protection for his family and his coreligionists. The duke complied with this request; and under the protection of a military force, the Jews, numbering several thousands, were escorted out of the city and settled at Saffee and Fez. Adibe himself returned later to Azamor.

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