German economist and author; born at Posen, May 28, 1863. His thesis for the doctor's degree (1883) was on Rodbertus-Jagetzow, the well-known Prussian state socialist. He is a remarkably prolific writer on economic and sociological questions, publishing many treatises, and contributing numerous articles to German reviews. He lectured as extraordinary professor on sociology in the University of Basel, Switzerland, and later became professor of political economy in the University of Freiburg, Germany. Adler has advocated a moderate social policy and bitterly opposed revolutionary socialism. Of his books may be mentioned: "Karl Marx'sche Kritik" (1886); "Internationaler Arbeiterschutz" (1888); "Social Reform und Theater" (1891); "Staat und Arbeitslosigkeit" (1894); "Die Imperialistische Socialpolitik" (1897); "Die Socialreform im Alterthum" (1898); "Geschichte des Socialismus und Communismus," i. (1900). In the last two works he dealt also with the social ideas of the ancient Hebrews.

  • Kürschner, Literatur-Kalender, 1898.
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