French tosafist of the second half of the thirteenth century; mentioned in Tos. Naz. 16b; identical, according to Gross and Zunz, with Isaac of Chinon, whose glosses are found in Shiṭṭah Meḳubbeẓet to Naz. 63a. He is also referred to in Solomoṇ ben Adret's responsa, where he is described as "chief of the French yeshibot." According to these responsa Isaac corresponded with Isaac ben Joseph of Marseilles, exhorting him to moderation in his dispute with a certain Nathan, one of Isaac of Chinon's own relatives. Isaac corresponded also with the above-mentioned Nathan, as well as with David ben Levi, author of the ritual work "Miktam," and with Mordecai ben Isaac Ḳimḥi.

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S. S. A. Pe.
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