Rabbi at Tikotzyn and Suwalki, Poland; lived in the first half of the nineteenth century. He wrote: "Bet Yiẓḥaḳ," a ritualistic work, the first part of which bore the title "Sha'ar ha-Ḳabua'," the second, "Sha'ar ha-Sefeḳut" (Sudzilkow, 1836); "Seder Ze- manim," on the precepts to be observed on certain dates (Warsaw, 1844); "Yad Ḥazaḳah," a commentary on the haggadah of Passover, with annotations by his son Joseph, under the general title "Yad Miẓrayim" (ib. 1844); "Magen we-Ẓinnah," a defense of the Cabala against the attacks of Judah de Modena in "Ari Nohem" (n. p., n. d.).

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S. S. I. Br.
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