Former Lord Mayor of London; born in that city Aug. 15, 1830. For a quarter of a century he labored in the best interests of the city of London. He agitated for improving the dwellings of the poor, and was mainly instrumental in bringing about much-needed reforms in the finance committee of the corporation. In 1859 he was appointed to the chairmanship of the City Lands Committee. Some years later, as head of the Markets Committee, he gave valuable evidence before the House of Commons; and the Tower Bridge owed its existence, in a great measure, to his persistence. Upon the oral system of teaching deafmutes, his brochure "Sounds Versus Signs" is a recognized authority.

In 1887 Isaacs became sheriff of London and Middlesex, and was knighted in the same year. In 1889 he was elected Lord Mayor of London. He has published "Memoirs of My Mayoralty."

  • Jewish Chronicle, Sept., 1889.
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