An Eastern family of rabbis and authors whose members dwelt in Alexandria, Jerusalem, and Rhodes, where they held important positions. It included:

Abraham Israel:

Rabbinical author; lived at Alexandria in the eighteenth century (see Israel, ḥayyim Abraham). His son was Moses ben Abraham Israel, who held the office of chief rabbi of Alexandria from 1784 to 1802.

Elijah Israel:

Chief rabbi of Alexandria from 1773 to l784. He wrote: "'Ugat Eliyahu" and "Ḳol Eliyahu," responsa; "Kisse Eliyahu," on the four Ṭurim; "Shene Eliyahu," sermons; "Aderet Eliyahu," commentary on Elijah Mizraḥi. He left two sons, Moses ben Elijah Israel and Jedidiah Israel.

Judah Israel:

Son of Moses ben Elijah Israel; chief rabbi of Rhodes; lived at the beginning of the nineteenth century. He was the author of "Ḳol Yehudah" and "Shebeṭ Yehudah."

Moses Israel:

Rabbi at Jerusalem, and, from 1714 to 1727, chief rabbi of Rhodes. He was sent to Morocco as a collector by the city of Safed, before he removed to Rhodes; and he was sent to Italy inthe same capacity by Jerusalem (1731). He was the author of "Mas'at Mosheh," responsa, Constantinople, 1735.

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  • Hazan, Ha-Ma'alot li-Shelomoh.
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