Tosafist; flourished about the middle of the thirteenth century. He was a pupil of Samuel of Bamberg, to whose rabbinate he succeeded. Zunz ("Z. G." p. 40) supposes that Israel of Bamberg was the father of Jedidiah of Nuremberg, who flourished about 1270-80, and whose son Israel was killed at Bamberg in 1298, a time of persecution (Salfeld, "Martyrologium," p. 49). It is likely that Israel of Bamberg was also the father of Anna, killed at the same time (ib.). The tosafot of Israel of Bamberg are quoted by Mordecai (Shab. No. 296; 'Ab, Zarah. Nos. 817, 833, 855). Benjacob ("Oẓar ha-Sefarim," p. 624) concluded that these tosafot are only to Alfasi and not to the text of the Talmud. Eckstein ("Gesch. der Juden in Ehemaligen Fürstenthum Bamberg," pp. 144-145) identifies Israel of Bamberg with Israel b. Uri-Shraga, whose tosafot are also mentioned by Mordecai (Shab. No. 656); but Kohen (in "Monatsschrift," xzvii. 82) thinks they were two different persons.

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