Jewish weekly in the Polish language, published in Warsaw since 1865. It was the successor of the Jutrzenka. At the beginning the "Izraelita" met with many obstacles in the way of restrictions from the censor; and it was also strongly opposed by the Orthodox Jews. Even the Liberals were not altogether pleased with it. While the "Izraelita" advised the Orthodox Jews to introduce the Polish language in the ḥeder, it urged the Liberals to teach their children Hebrew. From 1865 to 1897 the paper was edited by Samuel H. Peltyn, who always conducted it in a spirit of patriotism, and advocated assimilation. After his death (Sept., 1897) N. Sokolow became its editor, and upheld Zionism; but in 1901, when L. Grosglik became editor, the "Izraelita" returned to its old program.

H. R. S. Po.
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