Karaite scholar of the tenth century. His full name is said to have been Samuel ben Asher ben Manṣur. The surname "al-Jabali" indicates that he came from the province of Jabal, in the neighborhood of Hamadan. According to Ibn al-Hiti, he was a contemporary of Abu al-Faraj Harun, the author of "Mushtamil." This is, however, inaccurate, inasmuch as Abu al-Faraj wrote in the year 1026, whereas Al-Jabali is quoted by an earlier writer, Sahl b. Maẓliaḥ. Al-Jabali controverted Saadia Gaon in a special writing. He is also said to have controverted a certain Menahem, the head of a school, after he had read a letter written by a son of this Menahem to one Abu Thabit (otherwise unknown).

Perhaps this Menahem is identical with a scholar of the same name who directed questions to Saadia in the Arabic language. In that case Al-Jabali can not have flourished before 950-960.

Al-Jabali must not be confounded with the Karaite author Samuel ibn Manṣur, who presumably belongs to the fourteenth century.

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