JACHIN ( = "he establishes"):

1. The righthand pillar of the two brazen ones set up in the porch of the Temple of Solomon, that on the left or north being called "Boaz" (I Kings vii. 21; II Chron. iii. 17). For an elaborate reconstruction of these pillars based on Assyrian and Egyptian models and on the parallel description in Jer. lii. 21-23, see Perrot and Chipiez, "History of Art in Sardinia and Judæa," pp. 250-257, and plates vi. and vii., London, n.d. Comp. Freemasonry. 2. Fourth son of Simeon and founder of the family of the Jachinites (Gen. xlvi. 10; Ex. vi. 15; Num. xxvi. 12). In the parallel list of I Chron. iv. 24 his name is given as "Jarib." 3. Head of the twenty-first division of priests in the time of David (I Chron. xxiv. 17); his descendants returned from Babylon (ib. ix. 10; Neh. xi. 10).

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