French tosafist; lived about 1190-1260. He was a pupil of Isaac ben Abraham of Dampierre and a teacher of Perez of Corbeil. His two brothers were Nathanael, "the Holy," and Eliezer ben Joseph, "the Martyr," both Talmudical scholars. Jacob wrote: (1) "Shiṭṭah," probably on Sanhedrin, quoted by Mordecai (iii., Nos. 690, 691, on Sanh.; see Benjacob, "Oẓar ha-Sefarim," p. 573); (2) commentary on Giṭṭin; (3) tosafot, some of which are quoted in Ber. 12a and Nazir 53a, and in Mordecai (Shab. x. 377; 'Er. viii. 527; B. M. ii.; comp. "Monatsschrift," 1878, p. 82).

In the "Semaḳ" on Giṭṭin (No. 81), a passage somewhat doubtful as regards its genuineness, some tosafot of "R. Tam de Chinon" are quoted, while in a corresponding passage in Kol Bo (No. 88) the name of the author is given as "Jacob de Chinon." "R. Tam of Chinon" occurs also in the Halberstam MSS. (No. 345), which makes it appear likely that Jacob of Chinon was known also by that name.

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