JACOB OF CORBEIL (called "the Saint"):

French tosafist of the twelfth century. He was the brother of Judah of Corbeil, author of tosafot to various treatises of the Talmud. He is sometimes confounded with Jacob ha-Levi, "the Pious," of Marvège or Marvéjols (Lozère, France). Aaron ben Ḥayyim ha-Kohen, in his commentary on the Maḥzor, praises him highly. He is mentioned by Isaac ha-Levi ben Judah in his "Pa'aneaḥ Raẓa" as well as in Judah ben Eliezer's "Minḥat Yehudah."

Jacob of Corbeil wrote tosafot to several Talmudical treatises, and he is frequently mentioned in the Tosafot, e.g., to Ket. 12b; Ḥul. 122b; Beẓah 6b; Shab. 27a, 61a; Pes. 22. The "Memorbuch" of Mayence names Jacob among the martyrs of Corbeil.

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