Austrian rabbi and Biblical commentator of the fourteenth century. The Munich MSS. (Hebrew) contain a commentary on the Pentateuch written by "Jacob of Vienna" (No. 27, 2) and mention a certain "Jacob of Austria" (No. 402). Zunz ("Z. G." p. 103) identifies him with the R. Jekel who was a pupil of Meïr b. Baruch ha-Levi and who was consulted by Jacob Mölin (MaHRIL) as "the great luminary R. Jekel of Austria" (Jacob Mölin, Responsa, No. 101); Judah Minz (Responsa, No. 15) also mentions a "R. Jekel of Vienna," probably the same person.

  • Güdemann, Gesch. iii. 27.
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