German dramatist; born at Gross Strelitz, Silesia, Nov. 10, 1833 (M.D. Berlin, 1859); died in Berlin Jan. 29, 1897. He established himself as a physician in Berlin. While a student he wrote the farce "Faust und Gretchen" (1856); and from this time on he wrote—either alone or in collaboration with O. F. Berg, O. Girndt, G. v. Moser, Julius Rosen, and others—burlesques which became stock pieces in almost all German theaters. The following may be specially mentioned: "Meine Tante—Deine Tante!" (Berlin, 1858); "Lady Beefsteak" (1860); "Wer Zuletzt Lacht" (1861); "Backfische, oder ein Mädchenpensionat" (1864); "Seine Bessere Hälfte" (1864); "Humor Verloren—Alles Verloren!" (1867); "1,733 Thaler 22½ Silbergroschen" (1870); "500,000 Teufel" (played 300 times successively in Berlin); "Der Nachbar zur Linken" (1887); "Das Lachende Berlin" (1888); "Salontirolerin" (1888); and "Goldfuchs" (1890).

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