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German architect; born at Stargard, Pomerania, Sept. 17, 1839. He studied at the architectural academy in Berlin, and, after long travels through Greece and Asia Minor, became in 1874 professor in that institution. At present (1904) he is teacher in the technical high school at Berlin. His architectural abilities were especially displayed in the construction of railroad stations in Alsace-Lorraine (Metz, 1874-78; Strasburg, 1877-84), of the Alexanderplatz station of the Berlin surface railroad, and of the gates of the railway bridges of Dirschau and Marienburg. He has published: "Grammatik der Ornamente," 2d ed., Berlin, 1880; "Süditalienische Fliesenornamente," ib. 1887; and "Araceenformen in der Flora des Ornaments," 2d ed., 1889.

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