Russian chess-player; born May 25, 1868, in Russian Poland. He learned to play chess as a child, but did not make a serious study of the game until about 1886, when he removed to Paris, where he still (1904) resides. In international tournaments Janowski has played as the representative of France. His chief successes have been:

  • 1894. Leipsic, fifth prize.
  • 1896. Nuremberg, fifth prize.
  • 1896. Budapest, fourth prize.
  • 1897. Berlin, fourth prize.
  • 1898. Vienna, third prize.
  • 1899. London, second prize (tied with Pillsbury).
  • 1901. Monte Carlo, first prize.
  • 1902. Hanover, first prize.

In 1902 Janowski succeeded S. Rosenthal as chess editor of "Le Monde Illustré."

  • H. F. Cheshire, The Hastings Chess Tournament, 1895, London, 1896;
  • H. Helms, in Brooklyn Daily Eagle, passim.
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