Polish rabbi in the second half of the eighteenth century; head of the yeshibah at Mattersdorf, Hungary, in which he devoted himself especially to the legal treatises of the Babylonian Talmud. Aaron Chorin was one of his pupils. Jeremiah was the author of "Moda'ah Rabbah," a commentary to Ḥayyim Shabbethai's "Torat Ḥayyim," part ii. (on "Moda'ah we-Ones," a protest against a forced or unduly influenced action); Jeremiah's son Joab wrote a parallel commentary entitled "Moda'ah Zuṭa." In the approbation to his work, published at Lemberg, 1795, by his son, Jeremiah is given the title of "gaon." Joab wrote also "Sha'are Binah," novellæ to the "Sha'are Shebu'ot" of Isaac ben Reuben, grandson of Isaac Alfasi.

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