A name given to Gideon by his father, Joash (Judges vi. 32), because the men of the city of Ophrah demanded that he turn over to them Gideon, who had destroyed the altar of Baal. When Joash named him "Jerubbaal," he said, "Let Baal contend against him, because he hath broken down his altar." The name means "Baal strives," or "contends." It is used three times in subsequent passages (ib. vii. 1; viii. 29, 35) when referring directly to Gideon, and in two of these passages "who is Gideon" is added to the new name. In Judges ix., however, it occurs often. In II Sam. xi. 21 it is replaced by "Jerubbesheth" ("Beshet-Ba'al"). See Gideon.

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