JESCHURUN (Zeitschrift für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums):

Periodical edited and published by Joseph Isaac Kobak. Among its contributors were S. L. Rapoport, S. D. Luzzatto, A. H. Weiss, Halberstam, Dukes, Steinschneider, Reifmann, and other well-known scholars. The first two volumes are in Hebrew only, but the succeeding volumes are partly in Hebrew and partly in German (vols. i., ii., Lemberg, 1856-58; iii., Breslau, 1859; iv., v., Fürth, 1864-66; vi.-ix., Bamberg, 1868-78). Some of its Hebrew articles were published separately in four volumes under the title "Ginze Nistarot" (Bamberg, 1868-78).

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G. P. Wi.
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