An old Canaanitish capital in western Judah (Gen. xxxviii. 1; Josh. xii. 15, xv. 35). It was fortified by Rehoboam (II Chron. xi. 7), and was an inhabited city till the end of Old Testament times (Micah, i. 15; Neh. xi. 30; II Macc. xii. 38). The modern Id-el-Miyeh now occupies its site.

The famous Cave of Adullam was a resort of David when an outlaw (I Sam. xxii. 1; II Sam. xxiii. 13). Tradition has located it in the valley of Kharaitun, six miles southeast of Bethlehem. However, the locality mentioned above will suit the early history of David just as well, especially as it is probable that the word "cave" rests upon a false reading of the original and should be replaced by "stronghold." In later times Judas Maccabeus visited the city of Adullam (II Macc. xii. 38).

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