Author of "Dibre ha-Iggeret," a description of the sufferings of the Jews of Glogau when that town was besieged by the Prussians in the winter of 1740-41. It was published at an unknown place in 1741, but became so rare that many of the bibliographers did not know of it. It was recently reprinted by Joseph Fischer (Cracow, 1895) together with Nathan Hannover's "Yewen Meẓulah," under the title "Shene Sefarim Niftaḥim." In the "Dibre ha-Iggeret," which is written in the style of piyyuṭim common to that period, the name of the author occurs several times, but the surname "Lämmel" is never added. At the end there is a song by his brother Asher Lämmel, who was a dayyan in Glogau; and this is probably the reason why the name "Lämmel" was added by Steinschneider to Joel's name.

S. S. P. Wi.
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