JOHANAN GADI (Greek, I'αδδιç):

Eldest of the five sons of Mattathias the Maccabee (I Macc. ii. 2; Josephus, "Ant." xii. 6, § 1), though the least important. When Jonathan took the leadership and was being hard pressed in the country east of the Jordan, he sent Johanan with the baggage to the friendly Nabatæans; but another tribe, the sons of Jambri, seized it and killed Johanan. His death was avenged by his brothers Jonathan and Simeon (I Macc. ix. 35-42; Josephus, "Ant." xiii. 1, §§ 2-3; "B. J." i. 1, § 6). This tragic end is in strong contrast to the surname "Gadi" ( meaning probably "the Lucky"). The rabbinical sources ascribe more importance to Johanan, but these accounts are confused (see "R. E. J." xxx. 215).

G. S. Kr.
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