Palestinian amora of the fifth or sixth generation (4th and 5th cent.). Johanan is frequently mentioned in the Talmud of Jerusalem in connection with both halakic and haggadic subjects, instances of the latter, however, predominating. In a controversy between R. Mana and R. Hananiah as to whether any high place may temporarily be used by a prophet as an altar, Johanan used Josh. viii. 30 and I Sam. vii. 9 to support the affirmative opinion of Hananiah (Yer. Meg. i. 14; Lev. R. xxii. 6; Midr. Teh. to Ps. xxvii. 6, where the name "Jacob" occurs). He also transmitted a haggadah of Johanan b. Nappaḥa (Yer. Peah i. 1).

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