JOINVILLE (Old French, Joanville):

French town in the department of Haute-Marne; in the Tosafot occur , and other variants (Yoma 81; 'Er. 24; Ber. 8; Bek.32; etc.). The counts of Champagne drew abundant revenue from the Jews of Joinville, who were practically their serfs. In 1284, when Philip the Fair took possession of Champagne, they had to contribute 25,000 livres as a gift "on his happy advent."

Among the Jewish scholars of Joinville were the following: R. Bonet or Benoit (.) of (Gross, "Gallia Judaica," p. 255); Samuel ben Aaron, the tosafist; Simeon ben Samuel, son of the preceding and himself an eminent tosafist and Bible commentator.

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