Russian Hebraist and poet; born about 1815; died in Kovno July 27, 1868. His father, a great-grandson of Jonathan Eybeschütz, settled in Wilna, and there Aaron followed the profession of teacher until about 1859, when he removed to Yanova, near Kovno. He corresponded with Isaac Erter; and Judah Löb Gordon, who was one of his pupils, remembered him with great affection and thought well of his poetry. Jonathanson was the author of "Kele Shir" (Wilna, 1864), a collection of poems and epigrams.

His son Ẓebi Jonathanson (born in Wilna 1841) is the author of "Shire Ẓiyyon" (Warsaw, 1893), a volume of poetry. Another son, Jonathan Jonathanson (born in Wilna July 5, 1858), now (1904) residing in New York, is a contributor to the Yiddish periodical press under the nom de plume "Ḳal wa-Ḥomer."

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H. R. P. Wi.
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