American editor and communal worker; born in Boston July 4, 1822; died at Philadelphia Oct. 3, 1888. In 1842 he became a resident of Philadelphia, and was successively engaged in the wholesale clothing and printing businesses. In 1875 he established the "Jewish Record," a newspaper which remained in existence until 1886.

Jones was the secretary of the first Jewish Publication Society (organized 1845), president of the Jewish Benevolent Society and of the Hebrew Society for the Visitation of the Sick and Mutual Assistance, manager of the Hebrew Relief Society, secretary of the Fuel Society, director of the United Hebrew Charities, member of the advisory board of the Jewish Foster Home, secretary and vice-president of the Hebrew Education Society, past master of the Shekinah Lodge of Masons, and for over thirty years its secretary, besides being prominent in other lodges. Jones was first president of the Jewish Hospital Association, first president of the Jewish Immigrants' Aid Society, and president of the Congregation Beth-El-Emeth, all of Philadelphia.

A. D. Su.
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