JOSEPH BEN SAMUEL HA-ḤAZZAN (also called Joseph ha-Mashbir):

Karaite ḥakam of Halicz, Galicia; died in 1700; pupil of R. Nissim. He was the author of the following works, none of which has been published: "Porat Yosef," on Hebrew grammar and on the excellence of the Hebrew language; "Sheber Yosef," on religious philosophy; "Birke Yosef," the subject of which is not known; a commentary on the ten Karaite articles of faith; "Ner Ḥokmah" or "Perush Seder ha-Tefillah," a commentary on the prayer-book. The last-named work remained unfinished at the time of the death of the author. Joseph composed also numerous liturgical poems, which have been inserted in the Karaite prayer-book. A funeral oration was pronouncedover him by Mordecai, author of "Dod Mordekai," who had consulted him on the answer he was to give to Jacob Trigland about the origin of Karaism.

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K. I. Br.
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