French Hebraist; flourished in the beginning of the eighteenth century; born in Krotoschin, Germany. He lived at Avignon and Carpentras, and is generally called after the latter town. He was the author of: "Ohole Yehudah" (Jessnitz, 1719), a Hebrew dictionary, in which special attention is paid to proper names,' including their etymology; and "Geza' Yehudah" (Offenbach, 1732), a short concordance. In his introduction to the former work Judah mentions two other works of his: "Pene Aryeh" and "Ḥeleḳ Yehudah," both on the Pentateuch. The grammatical essay which preceded the "Ḥeleḳ Yehudah" was published with a German translation under the title "Yesod Leshon ha-Ḳodesh" (Wilmersdorf, 1724). A Hebrew manuscript in the Bodleian Library (Neubauer, "Cat. Bodl. Hebr. MSS." No. 2300, 2) contains a grammatical poem, beginning , and a commentary by Judah, to which are added the paradigms ofthe verbs, with a Hebrew-German translation, and some grammatical rules.

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