JUDAH DE BLANIS (called also Laudadeus Blanis [= "Judah"] ):

Italian physician; lived at Perugia in the middle of the sixteenth century. David de Pomis, in his "De Medico Hebræo," counts Judah among the most prominent Italian physicians. He was a diligent student of Cabala, and associated much with Emanuel of Benevento, the editor of the "Tiḳḳune Zohar." In 1553 Judah caused a copyist to prepare for him a copy of the cabalistic work "Sefer ha-Ḳaneh." It is probable that Judah de Blanis is identical with Judah ben Solomon, who in 1523 copied several letters from Jerusalem, and with a certain Judah ben Solomon de Blanis () of Pesaro, whose authority Lampronti ("Paḥad Yiẓḥaḳ," iii. 26a) invokes.

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K. I. Br.
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