JUDAH BEN SIMEON BEN PAZZI (called also Judah b. Pazzi and Judah b. Simon):

Palestinian amora and haggadist of the beginning of the fourth century. He frequently transmits halakic and haggadic aphorisms under the name of his father and of R. Joshua b. Levi, R. Johanan, and Simeon b. Laḳish. In his own haggadic maxims Judah frequently employs parables, of which one may be cited: "A wolf broke into the fold and seized a kid. Then came a strange dog which barked at the wolf and fought with him for the kid. Thereupon the wolf said: 'Why dost thou bark at me? Have I taken aught that was thine?' Such a dog was Balak, who opposed the Israelites because they had overcome Sihon and Og" (Yelammedenu, in Yalḳ., Num. xxii.).

  • Bacher, Ag. Pal. Amor. iii. 160-220.
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