Instigator of an uprising against Herod the Great. Shortly before the latter's death two prominent scribes of Jerusalem, one of whom was Judah b. Zippori (Josephus, "Ant." xvii. 6, § 2, has Σαριφαῖος; "B. J." i. 33, § 2, has Σεπφεραῖος; ed. Niese), thought it a good opportunity to tear down the golden eagle that Herod had placed above the gate of the Temple. They incited the young men of Jerusalem, some of whom were their own pupils, and these, on a false report of Herod's death, cut down the eagle. Thereupon a party of soldiers seized forty of them and took them before the king. They did not deny their deed; and the angry king had the ringleaders, among them the two scribes, burned alive; the remainder he delivered for punishment to his servants, who killed them.

G. S. Kr.
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