Saint renowned for his prophetic powers in the time of King Aristobulus (105-104 B.C.). Josephus ("Ant." xiii. 11, § 2; "B. J." i. 3, § 5) relates the following characteristic story concerning him: Judas had foretold that the death of Antigonus, the king's brother, would take place on a certain day at Strato's Tower in Cæsarea by the Sea, when to his great astonishment he saw him pass by the Temple on the day specified. As he had never before failed in his predictions he was greatly dejected on realizing that this time his prophecy could not be fulfilled, the distance to Cæsarea being so great and the hour so late. However, the prophet, as Josephus calls him, learned a few hours afterward that there was near Jerusalem a subterranean passage also called "Strato's Tower," and that Antigonus had been slain there by the body-guards of the king.

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