Russian Hebrew author; born Dec. 19, 1874, at Skomorochy, near Jitomir. He has written or edited the following works: an anthology of S. D. Luzzatto's letters, translated from the Italian into Hebrew, Odessa, 1896; "Debar Shemuel," Cracow, 1896, a collection of letters from Samuel Vita Lolli to S. D. Luzzatto and I. S. Reggio, with the replies of Reggio and a biography of Lolli by Castiglioni; a Hebrew biography of Moses Ḥayyim Luzzatto, Warsaw, 1899; "Ḳorot ha-Yehudim be-Roma," ib. 1901; "Diḳduḳ Lashon 'Ibrit,"after S. D. Luzzatto's Hebrew grammar, ib. 1901; "Rabbi Yisrael Ba'al Shem-Ṭob," Jitomir, 1901. He is also the editor of a critical commentary, in Hebrew, on the Bible, to which he contributed the matter on Genesis (Jitomir, 1904). Kahan (in Hebrew "Kahana") is a frequent contributor to the Hebrew periodicals "Ha-Meliẓ," "Ha-Zeman," and "Ha-Shiloaḥ," and is the editor of the literary reviews in "Ha-Dor."

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