German composer and pianist; born at Mannheim July 21, 1865; a pupil of Ernst Frank and Vincenz Lachner (Mannheim), Friedrich Kiel (Berlin), and Joseph Rheinberger (Munich). After living for some time at Vienna and Berlin he went in 1890 to Leipsic, where in the following year he founded a ladies' choral union and gave concerts. In Oct., 1898, he was appointed teacher of theory and composition at the Königliche Hochschule für Musik, Berlin.

Kahn has written a serenade for orchestra; three pianoforte quartets, opp. 14, 30, and 41; three pianoforte trios, opp. 19, 33, and 35; a string quartet in A major; two sonatas for violin and pianoforte, opp. 5 and 26; "Mahomet's Gesang," for mixed chorus and orchestra, op. 24; and some excellent terzets and quartets for female voices.

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