AGUDAT AḤIM ("United Brethren"):

A name adopted by many Jewish societies throughout the world, the members of which pledge themselves to brotherly love, and to mutual assistance in time of need. In the United States the name of the birthplace of the majority of the members is added to the above designation, as: Agudat Aḥim Anshe Wilna, meaning "United Brethren of the Men of Wilna." The object of most of these societies is the alleviation of the immediate necessities of their members. Many of them have their own synagogues, where the members assemble for worship on the Sabbath and festivals, or even week-days. Some of them also own burial-places. A rabbi is engaged by some societies to lecture on Sabbaths or holidays. In Galicia there is a society of this name, the aim of which does not correspond with that of the above-mentioned societies, its purpose being to disseminate culture among the Jews of Galicia. It has already accomplished much good in combating anti-Semitism.

J. L. S.
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