Hungarian archeologist and ethnographer; born at Budapest Aug. 2, 1829; died at Vienna Jan. 8, 1904. When only seventeen years of age he entered the University of Vienna, where he studied art. After 1850 he traveled extensively and visited Germany, France, Belgium, and Italy. Settling in Vienna in 1856, he made journeys through Dalmatia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Servia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, and Macedonia. These travels through the Balkan provinces led him to become the ethnographer of the Southern Slavs. He embraced Christianity.

Kanitz is the author of: "Die Römischen Fundein Serbien," Vienna, 1861; "Serbiens Byzantinische Monumente," ib. 1862; "Reise in Süidserbien und Nordbulgarien," ib. 1868; "Serbien, Historisch-Ethnographische Reisestudien aus den Jahren 1859-1868," Leipsic, 1868; "Donau-Bulgarien und der Balkan, Historisch-Geographisch-Ethnographische Reisestudien aus den Jahren 1860-1875," ib. 1875-79 (3d ed., 1882); "Katechismus der Ornamentik," 4th ed., ib. 1891; "Römische Studien in Serbien," Vienna, 1892.

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